Published On: Tue, Apr 9th, 2024

England cricket great Kevin Pietersen takes aim at London Mayor Sadiq Khan on social media | Cricket | Sport

Cricket legend Kevin Pietersen has taken aim at London Mayor Sadiq Khan on social media. The former Test captain implied that he is fearful of being mugged when heading into the capital and therefore left his expensive jewellery at home to avoid any issues on his travels.

Ex-England cricket star Pietersen has not shied away from voicing his views on the rising crime rates in London, with Khan having the finger pointed at him on several occasions for the ongoing issues that he is facing.

The 43-year-old took to X, formerly known as Twitter, Tuesday morning to reveal that he takes several precautions before heading into the capital in the hope that he will avoid any trouble and won’t have any of his prized possessions robbed by thugs.

Pietersen posted a photo of his hand with the caption: “Gotta go into London today. No watch and a plastic ring! Congrats, Sadiq Khan!” The tweet has been viewed by approximately 700,000 users and received a mixed response from his followers, with some questioning the incentive behind the message whilst others shared their similar views on the matter.

Pietersen played 104 Test matches for England and led his side to T20 World Cup success in 2010, and he has remained in the United Kingdom since deciding to retire in 2018 aged 37 – when he claimed he would say ‘ciao’ to the sport.

The 43-year-old took aim at Khan in late March too when a video went viral of a stabbing on the underground. He shared the distressing clip, which has since been taken down by its original publisher, with the caption: “WTAF is this now in London?!?!?! London was once the most amazing city. It’s an absolute disgrace of a place.

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