Published On: Sat, Apr 13th, 2024

English city crowned as home to the nation’s ‘cheapest’ pint | Travel News | Travel

A city in the East Midlands has been unveiled as being home to the cheapest pint of beer in the UK on average, where a pint is almost half the price of the same beverage when purchased in . Data from revealed that Derby is the home of the nation’s cheapest .

The figure represents the cost of a pint on average in the city, taking into account that some establishments may sell beer at a higher price and others may offer a cheaper pint. In the East Midlands city, punters can get a pint of beer for £3 on average which is £1.21 less than the UK average of £4.21.

London is home to the nation’s most expensive beer. Though a pint can often set you back as much as £7, on average a pint in London is £5.90. Therefore, a pint in Derby is almost half the price of a drink in London.

Following Derby, Kingston Upon Hull and Aberdeen are the second and third cheapest cities to buy a beer. Compared to the £3.00 for Derby, Kingston Upon Hull charges £3.32 and Aberdeen’s average is £3.43. On the pricier side, York is the second most expensive city to buy a beer, charging £5.10.

Belfast follows York as the third most expensive city in all of the UK, where the average pint retails for £5.08. In fourth place is the Scottish city of Edinburgh, coming in at £5.05.

Finally, the fifth most expensive city for a pint was found to be Brighton, where you can expect to pay an average of £5.02.

If you prefer to pay less than £5 for a pint, you might want to consider heading to Aberdeen, where the average beverage can be bought for £3.43.

In the northeastern city of Sunderland, the average price of a beer is £3.50. The city was also recently named as one of the cheapest places to purchase a property.

Finally, Stoke-on-Trent was deemed to be the fifth cheapest city in the UK for a pint, coming in a £3.56.

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