Published On: Mon, Apr 8th, 2024

Expert savages claims UK must align with EU – ‘This is why we left!’ | Politics | News

Post- Britain does not need to align with the , a trade expert has said, savaging the notion that the UK needs to rejoin the bloc to reduce “border friction”.

Catherine McBride, a market economist covering financial services, trade and agriculture and fellow at the Centre for Brexit Policy, has slapped down the proposition that the country should forge new agreements with the union.

Ms McBride fiercely countered proposals included in a video recently released by the Financial Times, which quoted a farmer calling for the country to “cooperate” with the bloc on .

The 28-minute-long “FT Film” also saw experts state that barriers complicate farming, manufacturing and other industries since Brexit formally took shape in 2020.

In a lengthy rebuttal, the economist jostled with a request made by a member of the British Chamber of Commerce and concluded that the UK doesn’t need to follow the EU’s “crazy regulations”.

In a piece for Briefings for Britain, Ms McBride accused the FT of possessing an agenda and convincing viewers that “the UK needs to rejoin the EU”.

She said that a “Veterinary Agreement” with the EU suggested by Shevaun Haviland, from the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC), was unnecessary, as the UK is exporting beef and dairy without one.

She wrote: “Veterinary Agreement to reduce border friction – we don’t.

“Only 0.5 percent of UK exports would ever need this, and we have continued to export beef and dairy products to the EU since Brexit, without one.”

She added that it would be unnecessary to forge another agreement on the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and railed against the “bloc’s crazy regulations”.

She wrote: “We don’t need a Veterinary Agreement, we don’t need to follow the EU’s CBAM regulations either, if the EU wants to make their VAT rules so complicated it deters third country imports – let them.

“This is why we left – to get away from the EU’s crazy regulations that hurt consumers and protect inefficient EU producers.”

“Encouraging more efficient companies should be the aim of all UK governments, not protecting the inefficient ones.”

Ms McBride’s comments come at a time when farmers and other industry leaders have spoken against the departure from the EU, with National Farmers’ Union (NFU) chief Tom Bradshaw saying “many are feeling let down” by post-Brexit deals.

While he said that most members might have once been convinced to vote Conservative, he complained the brokers of the agreement “didn’t consult and they didn’t listen” before they delivered.

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