Published On: Sat, Apr 13th, 2024

Furious British tourists fire back at Tenerife ‘go home’ whingers – ‘we pay your wages!’ | Travel News | Travel

Tourists have fought back after graffiti telling them to “go home” appeared in Tenerife as locals complain of rising house prices.

The Canary Islands have long been a popular spot for Brits looking for a holiday in the sun, with thousands opting to visit the islands come summertime.

But locals have been fighting back as they feel the impact of tourism hitting the islands, with hundreds of protesters taking part in a hunger strike demanding the government tackle excess tourism in the region.

Canarias Se Agota says it is taking action due to Tenerife’s “tourist monoculture” which “squeezes natural resources, destroys the territory and deteriorates the quality of life of the local population”.

Tenerife is the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands and has several hotspots where tourists regularly stay when visiting.

But tourists have hit back, insisting “we’re good for the economy”. Speaking to The Sun, Ellie Taylor, 20, who is visiting the island with friends, said: “We’re good for their economy.

“Half the restaurants would not be open if it wasn’t for us.”

And next to graffiti left by locals telling tourists to “go home” is another message from tourists, simply reading: “F*** off. We pay your wages!”

Politicians on the island are being asked to step in and control what has been dubbed the effects of mass tourism on the island, including a lack of affordable housing and environmental pollution.

Neighbouring islands Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and La Palma are also staging protests next week as they call for more control.

Activisits have said if their demands are not met they will organise a protest parade through Playa de las Americas – one of the most popular regions in Tenerife for Brits.

Ellie, from Newcastle upon Tyne, added: “We’ve been doing everything they don’t like you doing. Drinking and sunbathing mostly.

“That’s what you do on holiday. You come to relax. I don’t know what they expect. It sounds like they want classier people to come to Tenerife. I feel a bit offended.”

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