Published On: Wed, Apr 10th, 2024

Fury in UK city as locals blast new bike lane will turn streets ‘into an obstacle course’ | UK | News

A new ‘confusing’ cycle junction has been slammed by residents who say it will turn their city into an ‘obstacle course.’

Locals who live near the cycle lane in Colchester, Essex, say the junction will confuse drivers and cyclists as the road cuts in front of people travelling downhill.

Mary Felgate, 63, said the cycle lane in Head Street – due to open on April 26 – resembles ‘an obstacle course that changes every single moment.’

She said: “It’s just confusing – it gives cyclists the right of way, which is fine, but one of the lanes cuts right out in front of people going down North Hill.

“It’s just a ruse to drive motorists out of the town centre.

“Colchester town centre is an obstacle course that changes every single moment.

“You’ve got cycle lanes going backwards and forwards and a lane that cuts in front of motorists coming down Head Street.

“Where’s the joined-up thinking?”

Terence Davis, 87, thinks the cycle lane is holding up traffic because it’s ‘too wide.’

He said: “Personally, I think it’s too wide – it’s holding up all the traffic.

“But I suppose the cycle lanes can be good in a way, because my two sons do a hell of a lot of cycling.”

Deliveroo cyclist Ian says he is happy about the increased cycling infrastructure coming to the city, but is frustrated about the time it had taken to implement.

He said: “It will be great when it’s open, but it’s just taking so long to get to that stage.

“There’s a lot of cycling infrastructure, it’s generally in the places you want it to be, and it’s well marked up so people seem to use it a lot.

“People will get used to them – they will adapt and we will all just get on with it.”

Cyclist Bee Sawyer is also ‘happy with the cycle lane’ but can see why drivers and pedestrians might not be as enthusiastic.

She said: “I love it because I cycle to town.

“I don’t like the busy traffic, especially in Lexden Road.

“Drivers are just in a hurry and don’t care about cycling, so yes I’m happy with the cycle lane, though non-cyclists probably aren’t very happy.”

Essex County Council have been contacted for a comment.

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