Published On: Tue, Apr 9th, 2024

‘I live in a UNESCO World Heritage town – tourists ruin it’ | Travel News | Travel

‌Whether it’s beautiful architecture, a breathtaking coastline or historic landmarks, many of the world’s prettiest towns are popular for a reason.

UNESCO World Heritage towns are often some of the world’s most visited tourist destinations. However, this can be difficult for the people who live there due to the pressures of overtourism.

A Reddit user ‘J_J_R’ said: “I live in a UNESCO World Heritage town and people seem to think the whole town is a museum. I’ve had people press their faces against our windows to look inside, or just open the gate and walk right into my backyard.”

They added: “I’ve been yelled at by someone who came in to use the toilet because I didn’t have a sign up saying we were closed.”

Local residents in coastal Norway towns have reported that cruise tourists often trespass in their gardens.

One person said they had made that mistake in Bali. They wrote: “I was on a walk during my first morning in Bali and saw this open gate to a big courtyard where women were laying out little piles of offerings.

“I thought it was maybe a temple and stood in the entrance, made eye contact, asked if it was open. The ladies cracked up, explained it was their house and I apologised and expressed my awe at how beautiful the house was.

“They were quite proud of it and taught me a bit about Balinese housing and how they are little compounds.”

Despite the unfortunate error, one person said they didn’t think it would be a problem as long as tourists were respectful.

It can be a good idea to join a guided tour if you’re visiting a tourist town to make sure you visit all the right sites.

Travel experts also recommend visiting busy destinations during the shoulder season to avoid the peak summer crowds.

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