Published On: Wed, Apr 10th, 2024

‘I live in Amsterdam and there’s a big problem with British tourists’ | Travel News | Travel

Amsterdam has had enough of tourists. A new campaign targeting stag parties is trying to discourage rowdy Britons from visiting the Netherlands’ capital.

On Reddit, a local resident has described their impression of British tourists saying that some of them “trash the city”.

The person opined: “As a person who has lived in the city centre of Amsterdam for many years, I have witnessed and felt the intolerance of locals towards British visitors.

“Coming over with cheap flights or so and they tend to trash the city. Get s*******d and just behave bad in general.

“I’m sure some of the ‘nice tourists’ frequent the museums or get to enjoy the cultural side Amsterdam or the Netherlands might have to offer.

“I’ve had it more times than I care to count, either had a group of young Brits sitting right at my doorstep loudly arguing, rolling weed and drinking beer and leaving all their trash behind.

“Also had a couple of young ones curling up and sleeping at my doorstep while completely drunk.

“Which sucks because on the one hand I feel bad for them but also one gets tired of the same repeated scenario.”

Another person added: “Locals are being driven out of their town because of the absurd housing prices.

“The city is taken over by expats. But to be fair, British weekend tourists were part of the Amsterdam culture forever, albeit an annoying part.”

Many of Europe’s top destinations are struggling with rising house prices which many people blame a rise in holiday lets for.

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