Published On: Sun, Apr 14th, 2024

‘I moved across the country to escape my stalker ex-girlfriend who framed me for murder’ | UK | News

A man who was the victim of stalking was forced to move across the country to get away from his ex-girlfriend.

Jake Green, 31, described the ordeal as a “nightmare” after dumping Jenny Keats-Rawling. Jake was left terrified his ex-girlfriend would kill him after she began circling lies.

Keats-Rawling sent an SOS message to police claiming Jake was “hearing voices and was wanting to kill people.” Police went to arrest him at his Manchester home before realising it was a hoax.

She then bombarded him with over 100 silent calls, branded him a thief and turned his family against him. Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said: “It was a nightmare. I thought she was going to kill me – it was terrifying.

“She made me out to be a murderer, a liar and a thief. It was such a mad time – things just went boom. I was just so exhausted with it all, there were lots of phone calls from her at one or two in the morning. I just wanted her to stop and for it to be over. This has been devastating.”

The stalker caused her ex to lose two jobs and his car following the sick smear campaign and targeted his family on Instagram.

In one threatening message to his new girlfriend, Keats-Rawling warned her to “watch your back” and falsely accused Jake of “financially abusing her”.

In February, she managed to avoid jail time after admitting to stalking and causing serious alarm or distress between April 14 and October 6 of last year.

Keats-Rawling was instead handed an 18-month community order, with a requirement she attends 25 days of rehabilitation, and was fined £162, with £199 in costs and victim surcharge.

She was also given an 18-month restraining order banning her from contacting Jake. Stockport Magistrates’ Court was told Jake felt “scared and anxious” following jilted Keats-Rawlings’ revenge campaign.

He banned her on eight different social media accounts and said his mental state was a “mess” as a result of her actions. Jake moved to Rhyl in North Wales to escape but the online harassment continued.

The pair met out a night out at a club in Manchester in October 2022, with Jake explaining: “She came across as a fun, normal person to start with but things developed pretty quickly and she told me she loved me.” But after things turned sour, Jake was forced to call the police when she refused to move out of his mother’s house following the breakup.

His house was raided twice by police after she made up chilling stories about him. Jake worries his ordeal might not be over. “I think at some point, she’ll try and contact me again,” he said.

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