Published On: Sat, Apr 13th, 2024

‘I’m a makeup expert – stop using this type of foundation to look 10 years younger’

For those of us who want to appear more youthful there is no end of products and advice available out there that are specifically aimed towards achieving this goal. A massive part of the beauty industry is targeted at anti-ageing with moisturisers, wrinkle creams and hair dyes all popular products.

On top of this, cosmetics can be used as a simple way to help “turn back the hands of time”.

One make-up expert, who specialises in tips for older women, shared an easy change to your routine that could help you look younger.

In a video shared to social media platform TikTok, Becky Lovric, advised her 24,500 followers to ditch a specific type of make-up in favour of something else.

Instead of using liquid foundation and powders she advised applying a cream make-up to the skin.

“If you want to look radiant and younger it’s time to ditch the liquids and powders for creams,” she said.

“Once you see the difference you’ll never go back. It’s been over three years for me and I have zero regrets about trying creams.”

In a video she demonstrated how to use the creams, applying a darker shade to the top of her forehead, on her cheeks and on the edges of the nose as a contour.

Becky then used a lighter cream on the nose, under the eyes, and on the rest of the cheeks before blending them together.

She said: “Want to turn back the hands of time a little? Then try this cream make-up.

“A simple one layer application of two cream foundations and a contour.

“That all blends together seamlessly leaving you looking refreshed and radiant.”

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