Published On: Sat, Apr 13th, 2024

‘I’m a travel expert and there’s an essential item I’d never go on holiday without’ | Travel News | Travel

Passport. Money. Suncream. There are a few essential items that could ruin a holiday if they’re left behind.

But outside of the obvious, what do travel experts always take in their suitcase?

The travel pros at Lonely Planet have shared the item they’d always take away and it’s one that a lot of people might not think to bring.

The team said: “Always pack a sarong or shawl. Unless you’re certain you can find one locally, pack a sarong or shawl.

“It’s a blanket when the air-conditioning is icy. It’s an emergency towel. It’s privacy for getting changed on the beach.

“It’s modesty when you can’t enter a temple with your legs or shoulders showing.”

A lightweight shawl will barely add any weight to your luggage but could come in handy for multiple holiday occasions.

Many religious buildings won’t allow tourists to enter if they’re not covered up so a shawl or sarong is great to keep handy.

When it comes to searching for a restaurant, Lonely Planet suggests searching for a restaurant serving local residents rather than tourists.

They said: “Often the menu and sign will be in the local language, so be ready to order by pointing to what you see displayed on the counter or other patrons’ plates.”

Frequent travellers have also shared their tips to spot and avoid a tourist trap restaurant in your holiday destination.

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