Published On: Sun, Apr 14th, 2024

‘I’m a travel expert and these are the overrated destinations I’d avoid’ | Travel News | Travel

Europe’s leading holiday destinations have been getting a little crowded. From Cinque Terre to Edinburgh’s Castle some hotspots feel a bit too busy to enjoy. spoke to Timon van Basten, travel expert and founder of Travel Spain 24, for his list of overcrowded attractions to avoid.

The travel expert told that some famous attractions had left him less than impressed.

Timon described some of the world’s most well-known landmarks as “overhyped” and “utterly overwhelming”.

So where would he leave off his bucket list?

The Louvre, France

Timon said: “Sure the Mona Lisa is cool to glimpse for half a second through the throngs of delirious selfie-snappers.

“But is it really worth standing in the shadeless queue for ages, simply to be herded like cattle through the chaos they call a crowd flow system?”

The Louvre might be one of Paris’ top attractions but it’s certainly not the quietest. Try the Musee Rodin for fewer crowds or check out some of the Louvre’s quieter galleries.

Stonehenge, UK

Timon commented: “Yes, it boasts historic splendour. However, what the travel brothers fail to mention is that you’ll be lucky to get within a measly photo distance unless you arrive at sunrise during a lunar eclipse.

“I once had to wrestle a gaggle of American exchange students for a vantage point at Stonehenge only to be photobombed by a herd of lazy sheep.”

Stonehenge is usually quieter during the week outside of school holidays and it’s a good idea to purchase tickets ahead of time online.

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