Published On: Tue, Apr 9th, 2024

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More than 500,000 WASPI women live in the South East of England, more than in any other part of the UK.

Women in the region could get up to £1.5billion in compensation. The next highest is the North West, with just under 410,000 WASPI women, who could each receive a share of up to £1.2billion.

There are also 335,000 WASPI women in Scotland, 200,000 in Wales, and 100,000 in Northern Ireland.

The parliamentary constituency with the most WASPI women is the Isle of Wight, with 10,950 affected women living there, meaning the region could get £32.3million in compensation.

In second place is Louth and Horncastle in the East Midlands, with 8,640 WASPI women, followed by Torridge and West Devon with 8,440.

Campaigners are calling for compensation payouts above the Ombudsman’s recommendations, urging payouts of £10,000 or more. That would amount to a bill to the taxpayer of £36.8billion.

WASPI chair, Angela Madden, said: “Everyone knows someone who is a WASPI woman and every MP will have heard from grassroots members of our campaign.

“For nine long years, the government has hoped we would just go away, but they have underestimated the strength of feeling and the strength in numbers that we have.

“Finally paying compensation will go some way to right the injustice and is also likely to boost local economies, as women previously in penury enjoy some long-awaited spending power and comfort.

“But that can only happen if the compensation is adequate – reflecting the true injustice we’ve suffered. The government must allow a Commons vote on compensation after Easter.”

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