Published On: Wed, Apr 10th, 2024

Michael van Gerwen and Gerwyn Price refuse to sign autographs as darts star hits out | Other | Sport

Darts stars Michael van Gerwen and Gerwyn Price have been filmed refusing to sign autographs but rather than face criticism, the pair have been praised for their defiance. The two former world champions were approached in Manchester last week, and despite posing for pictures with fans, pointedly refused to one male fan’s request to scribble their signature.

After being approached, ‘MVG’ firmly said “only photographs please” after the man had tried to call him over to autograph an item. As if to prove his point, he then did write his signature on a personalised photo of a female fan.

“Not want autograph?” continued to the man, before Van Gerwen replied with “Yeah I know what you do with them.” The Dutchman’s taunt seemed to imply he suspected the individual was intending to then sell the signed memorabilia on the internet, an escalating issue within sport.

Price was equally dismissive, after being asked by the same man “Do you mind signing Gerywn?” He swiftly responded with “I won’t sign but I will have a picture” posing, before posing with another fan for a snap. “How come?” he was asked, with the ‘Ice Man’ putting the issue to bed by saying “I don’t sign anything.”

The clip duly went viral on social media, with Price sharing it on Instagram and using the post to clarify his stance. “I’m so happy this has been posted,” he wrote on his story.

“These people are the reason we don’t sign things and are the people that spoil it for the real darts fans. What you don’t see is hands and bags full of merchandise….and also this guy is filming from a pair of glasses unknown to the players. Goes to show what sort of people are out there.”

And fans backed the pair, with @MatadorDarts writing “Good on them.” @RacingArmchair added: “Exactly. And he (Van Gerwen) did sign for the lady as it was a picture of him stood next to her, as in a picture of them both. A genuine personal souvenir.”

Teenage darts sensation Luke Littler has already fallen victim of such alleged behaviour since bursting onto the scene this season. He’s had to publicly warn fans about purchasing merchandise claimed to be signed by him, amid fake autographs circulating.

“There are a few people out there who will try to steal it (my signature) and say it’s me,” said Littler. “I have seen quite a few over the past few weeks after the world championship. People have been privately messaging me saying: ‘Have you signed this, have you signed that?’ No. Sorry to bring it to you, but I haven’t signed.”

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