Published On: Tue, Apr 9th, 2024

Missed a spot over there? New Dyson tech helps you vacuum every inch of floor

Vacuum giant Dyson has an army of high-tech floor cleaners available to buy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll always run yours over every corner of every room in your home. If you think you’re often missing those hard to reach parts of your floors – or simply do your vacuuming in a rush – then Dyson has a new tech tool coming soon that could help you clean more efficiently.

The new Dyson CleanTrace is a clamp that works in tandem with an app on your phone. It attaches to your Dyson’s shaft and uses your phone’s cameras to record exactly where you’ve vacuumed in real time using augmented reality (AR), with the floor you’ve gone over appearing in Dyson’s familiar purple colour.

If the floor isn’t purple when you view it through your phone, you’ve missed that spot, so you can go back and clean to ensure you’ve gone over every surface possible.

“As you head towards the Spring Clean finish line, you may think you can’t go wrong, yet amid navigating chair legs and under furniture, moving between rooms and sidestepping our furry friends, it’s easy to inadvertently miss areas, or repeatedly vacuum the same spot, reducing efficacy and wasting time,” Dyson said in a press release.

“The Dyson CleanTrace helps users to clean more methodically by providing real-time AR visualisations of where they have cleaned and the spots they have missed, removing the guesswork and solving the have-I-cleaned-there-yet quandary.”

Dyson VP of engineering Charlie Park added that the CleanTrace is trying to mirror the efficiency of robot vacuum cleaners, which are designed to clean every bit of the floor with no spot untouched. We recently reviewed Dyson’s newest robot vac, the 360 Vis Nav, which impressed us despite its high price. hasn’t got hands on with the new CleanTrace tech yet, so we can’t say if it’s a game-changer or not. Dyson also hasn’t confirmed the price of the kit, which is essentially just the clamp you’ll need to buy – the rest happens through the MyDyson app. The clamp goes on sale in June.

There are a couple of catches, though – the CleanTrace clamp only works with the Dyson Gen5detect cordless vacuum cleaner, an £850 product. It’s a real shame that the clamp and appwon’t work with any other Dyson at launch. We hope the company finds a way to make it compatible with all its vacuums soon.

You’ll also only be able to use CleanTrace with an iPhone – specifically, an iPhone with LiDAR compatibility in its cameras. This tech allows for spatial awareness to properly tap into the AR function of the tool. This means the only phones that will work with CleanTrace are any of the Pro model iPhones from the iPhone 12 series onwards. So, that’s the iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, 15 Pro, and the 15 Pro Max.

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