Published On: Mon, Apr 8th, 2024

New poll finds voters don’t think Conservatives will cut tax | Politics | News

Rishi Sunak has been dealt a new blow as a poll suggests even a resurgent economy could turn voters away from the Conservatives at the next election.

The YouGov poll, conducted on behalf of The Times, found that voters did not believe the Conservative Party would cut taxes, with almost half preparing to vote Labour, even if the economy did improve.

Last year the Prime Minister delcared victory over one of his key pledges, halving inflation. It currently stands at 3.4 percent, down from 11.1 percent in October 2022.

The pollsters however suggest this could have very little reward for Sunak. It found 47 percent would back Labour should the economy improve, compared to 26 percent voting Tory.

The poll found voters responded in a similar manner when asked what they would do if the economy got worse, suggesting those polled had already made their decision.

A Number 10 source reportedly told The Times that support for Sunak would improve as the impact of lower inflation was being felt by voters.

They said: “People are starting to feel better off. There’s only one poll that matters and that’s the general election.”

The YouGov poll suggested 41 percent of voters think taxes will increase at the next election should the Conversatives win, while only 13 percent think they would go down.

Meanwhile 49 percent felt Labour would win taxes compared to 12 percent who think they would go down. A 2p cut from National Insurance came into force this weekend.

Freezing personal tax thresholds has however sent more workers into higher tax brackets.

And while the PM has insisted he wants to cut taxes, the Government has been left with little room for manoeuvre due to the economic growth.

The economy grew by 0.1 percent last year before slipping into recession during the final two quarters of the year.

The damning poll comes as Sunak will be expected to call an election in the latter half of the year. While politicians favour October or November, it found voters prefer May, with 29 percent wanting as soon as possible.

A further YouGov poll last week forecast the Conservatives would end up with 155 seats with Labour on course for 405. The forecast would see 11 ministers – including Hunt – ousted from their seats.

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden however told The Times the Conservatives could still take the election. He said: “As we get into an actual election campaign, we move from a kind of referendum on the government to a choice.

“I’m confident that as people face that choice and they look at the threat of Labour, whether it’s building over the green belt in my constituency, carte blanche to do that, whether it’s in relation to their employment laws which are going to destroy the jobs market or it’s in relation to their their sums that don’t add up versus our plan, you will see those numbers narrowing.”

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