Published On: Wed, Apr 10th, 2024

New warning for pet owners risking £500 fine under new rules coming in weeks | Personal Finance | Finance

owners in England are being warned to make sure their felines are microchipped before new regulation comes into force.

From June 10, 2024, all cats in England must be microchipped and registered on a database by the time they reach 20 weeks old.

With just under two months to go, the experts at Go Compare Pet Insurance are reminding cat owners to make sure they’re compliant to avoid the hefty fine.

Data from the comparison site found 22 percent of cats across the UK aren’t microchipped, meaning that once new regulation begins in England, these owners could be liable for a fine of up to £500.

Rhys Jones, pet insurance spokesperson, commented, “With this new legislation approaching, we want to encourage as many cat owners as possible to get their cats booked in to be microchipped.

“We know that many pet owners will have already got their cats microchipped, but for those who haven’t, it will become the law as of June 10.”

The new Government regulation requires all cats over the age of 20 weeks to be microchipped by a trained professional such as a vet or local rescue and rehoming centre.

Microchips store data about the pet on a database, making it easier to access essential information about them during routine check-ups. This can also help vets contact the owner if the pet is found. Details stored include:

  • The pet’s unique ID number
  • The owner’s name
  • The owner’s home address
  • The owner’s mobile number
  • The owner’s email address.

Mr Jones added: “As well as the risk of a fine, should the worst happen and your pet becomes lost or stolen, it makes it very hard to reunite them with their owner unless they’re microchipped.

“Losing a pet is a traumatic experience – whether your cat hasn’t returned home, or your dog has run off and you can’t find them.

“But if someone does find your pet and then takes it to a vet, they can find your details with a quick scan of its microchip.

“Since 2016, puppies have to be microchipped by eight weeks of age and registered with the breeder as the first keeper.

“The microchip number and details of the dog must be registered on a Government-compliant database.

“So with just two months left until the new regulation begins for cats in England, it’s the perfect time to book your pet in to get microchipped. It’s an inexpensive procedure, and is fairly simple and quick to do.”

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