Published On: Tue, Apr 16th, 2024

Prince Harry forced to apologise for ‘confidentiality rule breach’ in High Court case | Royal | News

apologised after he breached confidentiality rules during his High Court battle against the Home Office by emailing information to Johnny Mercer.

Court documents reveal the Duke of Sussex ‘breached a confidentiality ring’ in November 2023 when he emailed the veterans minister information about the court case.

According to The Telegraph, the Prince has shared a close bond with Mercer as both served in

Tory MP Mercer has also been a keen supporter of the Invictus Games, even spearheading the Government’s bid to host the 2027 event in Birmingham.

The pair were even spotted together drinking pints at last year’s games in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Mr Justice Lane revealed the Prince’s breach in a costs ruling handed down on Monday.

In it, he writes: “In November 2023, the claimant breached the terms of the confidentiality ring order by emailing certain information to a partner of Schillings, who was not within the confidentiality ring, and to the Rt Hon Johnny Mercer MP.”

The judge explains Shaheed Fatima KC, the duke’s barrister, picked up on the breach and informed his solicitor, Jenny Afia, who works for Schillings.

The Home Office was then informed of the incident.

It has however claimed the breach meant it incurred “unnecessary costs”.

Prince Harry‘s legal team however says “the defendant did not raise any issue relating to costs at the time of the claimant’s breaches.”

The judge said the “seriousness” of the breach should not be minimised but did however feel it had no overall determination of the costs.

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