Published On: Fri, Apr 12th, 2024

Prince Harry ‘wants to return to Britain’ as he has ‘every reason to feel nervous in US’ | Royal | News

may want to return to Britain over ongoing concerns in the US, however it seems unlikely that is as keen, a royal expert has stated.

It was reported earlier this year that the Duke of Sussex is facing a lawsuit brought against him in the States by the Heritage Foundation, as they claimed he may have lied in his visa application about previous drug use which he wrote about in his memoir Spare.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has also made it clear he is no Sussex fan, and if he once again enters office life may become more difficult for Harry, Meghan and their young family.

The Daily Mail’s Richard Eden told this week’s Palace Confidential: “As the US presidential election is on the horizon, we know Meghan is not a fan of Donald Trump and that feeling is very much mutual.

“Trump’s enjoyed making suggestions that they won’t have such an easy ride if he’s president again, so I think Harry has every reason to feel nervous in the USA now.”

With King Charles and Princess Kate off royal duties as they face health battles, there has been speculation that Harry could temporarily return to help ease the burden.

Mr Eden explained: “There seems to be a real desire from California for Harry and Meghan to try and mend those fences and keep up those royal links, which as we know are extremely useful to them as they’re securing new business.”

When asked how “credible” these claims of Harry’s homesickness were, the journalist said: “I think it’s extremely likely that Harry does want to carry out royal duties.

He explained: “Harry would like a reconciliation, but supports his wife completely and until she feels that the Royal Family have been sufficiently nice to her – and grovelingly apologised for the past – it’s not going to happen.

“There has been a shift here since Kate’s illness. Harry and Meghan do feel they need to extend an olive branch, but Meghan’s sense of grievance is still preventing anything really meaningful happening.

“Illness often brings warring family members together, and there have been hopes at Kensington Palace that Kate’s illness might do it.

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