Published On: Thu, Apr 11th, 2024

Republicans humiliated as triumphant MPs burst into God Save the King | World | News

Canadian MPs belted out “God Save the King” after voting down a bill that would have made the oath to King Charles optional. The bill, opposed by a coalition of MPs from a number of parties, would have permitted parliamentarians to swerve swearing allegiance to the King.

The vote was a triumph for monarchists, hellbent on upholding the Crown in Canada. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s cabinet and a majority of Canadian MPs voted down the private member’s bill.

However, Bloc Québécois and a number of NDP MPs backed the legislation. The final voting came in at 113-197, meaning that Canada’s Constitution will retain its current form.

Section 128 requires each new parliamentarian to pledge to be “faithful and bear true allegiance” to the monarch. According to Canada’s constitution, an MP cannot legally take their seat until they have taken this oath.

C-347, introduced by New Brunswick Liberal MP René Arseneault, proposed allowing MPs and senators to instead take an “oath of office” that made no mention of the King.

The stripped down oath would have read: “In the best interest of Canada while upholding its Constitution.” The bill’s demise was greeted with resounding applause from monarchist MPs, who burst into a rendition of God Save the King.

Despite Speaker Greg Fergus’ call for “Order”, MPs ignored him and his effort to restore quiet in the chamber. Supporters of a Canadian republic were welcoming of the bill. Many of them believe the monarchy to be an outdated institution.

Pierre Vincent of Citizens for a Canadian Republic told CBC News that the oath in its current form infringes on free speech. Polls indicate opinions are split in Canada on the monarchy, with 56 percent opposing the institution in 2023.

But, Mr Trudeau has stated clearly that there is no desire for a constitutional confrontation over the King and the monarchy.

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