Published On: Mon, Apr 15th, 2024

Russia on brink of collapse as disastrous flooding leaves huge region ‘sinking’ | World | News

Discontent spread to the city of Orsk, where residents staged a rare protest on Monday demanding compensation after the local dam collapsed causing the flooding.

Russia‘s state-backed news agency Tass said nearly 10,000 homes, including 7,000 in Orsk alone were flooded as of Monday and water levels continue to rise.

Moscow declared a federal emergency across all flood-hit areas on Sunday and said preparations are underway for a new wave of floods in three other regions.

According to local authorities in Orsk, four people had died but they did not confirm whether the deaths had been a result of the flooding.

They also confirmed a criminal probe has been launch to assess whether possible construction violations could have caused the dam to collapse.

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