Published On: Wed, Apr 10th, 2024

Russian combat losses in Ukraine surge to staggering number in huge nightmare for Putin | World | News

Russian combat losses in Ukraine have surged above a staggering 450,000 since the war broke out just over two years ago in another massive blow for Vladimir Putin.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine revealed the new data, adding that 830 Russian soldiers had been killed or wounded in action in the past 24 hours.

The figures were shared in a post on Facebook that also detailed significant blows to Putin’s artillery as well as the shocking personnel losses.

Between February 24, 2022 and April 10, 2024, Ukrainian forces have destroyed 15,248 trucks and fuel tankers, 13,667 armoured fighting vehicles, and 11,404 artillery systems.

The Facebook post read: “Beat the occupier! Together we will win! Our strength is in the truth! Strike the occupier! Let’s win together. Our strength is in the truth!”

Just yesterday, it was reported that Russia‘s total equipment losses in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine have soared to a staggering £43 billion.

Calculations by Ukrainian finance portal pinned Russian equipment losses over the 25 months of warfare at £43.38 billion.

This staggering figure encompass many Russian assets, including armoured vehicles, air defence systems, tanks, and expenses associated with cruise missiles.


This figure represents nearly half of Russia‘s 2024 defence budget, which stands at 10.78 trillion rubles (£91.85 billion).

According to the estimates, the most substantial costs come from Russia‘s tank fleet, which has seen losses of nearly £9 billion. The latest figures also put Russian tank losses at 22 in the last 24 hours alone.

Such dramatic losses have forced Putin to change his warfare tactics during the course of the war. This has proved to be successful as his troops have managed to capture over 300 square kilometers of Ukrainian territory since the beginning of the year.

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