Published On: Sat, Apr 13th, 2024

Samsung TVs look inferior this month – don’t miss out on cheap upgrade

A quick trip to Samsung’s website reveals a new page that exclaims, “A new era of Samsung AI TV” is on its way and anyone registering their interest before April 24 will get £200 off if they then purchase one of the new televisions.


It’s a decent pre-release deal but what’s so special about these new TVs and should you consider switching over to one of them?

The biggest change in 2024 is the introduction of the NQ8 AI Gen3 processor which powers some of Samsung’s latest and greatest tellies.

The firm is boasting that this impressive chip is not only incredibly smart but also around twice as fast as anything it has launched before.

That extra oomph brings a swathe of enhancements to homes including quicker app launching and much better upscaling – that means content will look crisp and bright even if it’s not shot in the best quality. Improved upscaling is especially important for anyone wanting a massive screen in their home as the bigger the display the worse things can look when watching lower resolution shows and movies.

Those who love viewing the Premier League will also be pleased to see a function called AI Motion Enhancer Pro coming to Samsung TVs. This technology solves common issues – such as ball distortion – when sitting down for an afternoon of sport. Samsung says this new feature even automatically detects the sport type being viewed and uses deep learning to apply the proper ball detection model.

Another bonus coming to the new range is something called Real Depth Enhancer Pro which is able to use AI to add extra detail to content. That’s especially useful during fast-paced action scenes and it should bring a smoother image to the screen. It’s also being promised that Real Depth Enhancer Pro will make images appear more lifelike and three-dimensional.

As well as boosting the picture, there’s also better sound coming to 2024 TVs as well with Samsung offering an AI dialogue booster which should make hearing what people are saying a lot easier.

Finally, the overall look has been improved with something Samsung is calling an Infinity Air Design. This includes a screen which is now only 12.9mm in depth along with a unique mirror effect which makes it seem as if the TV hovering in its surroundings.

“Now that we are living through the hyper-connected era, it’s no longer just about delivering quality visual experiences. Displays should enhance our lives both on and off the screen,” said SW Yong, President and Head of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

Along with the premium 8K Neo QLED TVs, Samsung is also refreshing its OLED line-up with displays that are now 20 percent brighter than before. New ‘OLED Glare Free’ technology — specifically designed for 2024 S95 OLED screens — also preserves colour accuracy and reduces reflections plus there are higher refresh rates of up to 144Hz for better gaming.

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