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Teen social media aficionado turns her attention to the Royal Family | Royal | News

Daily Express US works with all types of royal experts, including historians, biographers, podcasts hosts, journalists and now, we’re adding a YouTuber to the list.

Lydia Alty is wise beyond her years, starting a YouTube channel at 13, now 18, using her platform to educate her online community on the Royal Family.

Ms Alty started off with posting drawings, which turned into slideshows and she soon realized there was more to be done, that there was a need for education.

What started off as a hobby has turned into a full-fledged occupation with Ms Alty’s YouTube channel, Royal Reporter Lydia, now having 172K subscribers.

Daily Express US had the opportunity to speak with Ms Alty, who said: “The main focus of what I did was royal journalism, in an interactive way, sort of engaging with a younger audience who use social media because what I’ve noticed is that people don’t really understand the Royal Family as much as they (once) did.”

Along with her YouTube channel, Ms Alty also runs an Instagram page, which has 77.9K followers, and there is plenty to read through and watch with 1,229 posts and counting.

“I’ve always liked the Royal Family, ever since I knew about them, but that’s where it started.”

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We talked to Ms Alty about her “a-ha” moment, when she knew she was onto something, with the royal journalist saying: “When you start these social media things, it’s kind of like, ‘Oh, I’ll just do it for fun,’ and then you start to get lots and lots of views and it’s like, ‘Oh, okay, all right, this is getting serious now.’”

She goes back to the beginning and talks about the genesis of the channel: “I started this channel when I was like 13 or 14, yeah, I was very young, and it started off as a couple of videos of the Prince and Princess of Wales, which they are called now, and Prince George, Charlotte and Louis, when it was just George and Charlotte, because Louis was only a baby.”

It was Prince George who “inspired” Ms Alty to start reporting about the Royal Family.

She talks about how it came about, saying she watched Prince George from the moment he was born and started officially reporting when George was four.

Her favorite moment as a royal journalist thus far was George taking part in the coronation.

She says of the event: “To see him grow up and from a little baby, and then see him get an official working member of the Royal Family role at such a young age, it was such a moment, like, ‘Wow, he has grown up really, really, really fast, he has gone from a little boy, to practically a pre-teenager now.’”

She added: “It was a really big moment, you see little George walking out with his grandfather at the coronation, I thought it was a really big moment, I was like, ‘Where’s the little boy gone!?’ he’s actually big role now.”

“It was one of the first times, where I covered an event, and one of the youngest heirs has done an actual role, and it was a sort of pinch me moment, I was like, ‘Whoa, this is great!’”

“Out of all of the royals, if I had to say my favorite-favorite royal, definitely, probably Prince George, because he is the one who inspired me to start reporting.”


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Ms Alty’s work is not only visually stunning, cafefully constructed videos, but also informative, with the royal expert covering a range of topics, including patronages. The Royal Family is currently on Easter break, and in order to keep her community in the know, Alty has been sharing posts about the royals and their charities.

Ms Alty says of the topic: “Not a lot of people know the patronage of the Royal Family, which is why I started to cover them, and people are like, “I actually didn’t know this.’”

She puts a spotlight on the royal’s work by bringing attention to their engagements, saying:“Some people may look at this is as a feature, and they want to educate somebody else and they can go, ‘Look at this video, this is his 85 patronages or whatever, and this is what he does for them.’”

“Which actually helps people when he goes to an engagement about that patronage, because they actually understand what the patronage is and how he supports it and how much money they give to it, which I think is really important.”

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