Published On: Mon, Apr 15th, 2024

The Beatles – John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s sons come together for new song | Music | Entertainment

The Beatles stars John Lennon and Paul McCartney are the world’s most successful songwriting partnership in the history of music.

And now their sons Sean Ono Lennon and James McCartney have come together to co-write a song called Primrose Hill.

The acoustic track, which you can listen to here, reflects on their memories of the London spot.

Announcing the song on social media, James wrote: “Primrose Hill is here! Today I am so very excited to share my latest song co-written by my good friend Sean Ono Lennon.

“With the release of this song it feels like we’re really getting the ball rolling and I am so excited to continue to share music with you.”

By the sounds of it, the Beatles’ kids have more music planned later on down the line. Both Sean and James have solo music careers, following in their fathers’ footsteps.

Sean is the younger son of John Lennon with his widow Yoko Ono. Meanwhile, James is the only son of Paul McCartney with his first wife, the late Linda McCartney.

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