Published On: Wed, Apr 10th, 2024

The beautiful country that is encouraging Brits to move there with new visa | World | News

Italy is trying to encourage Britons to move to the country with a new type of visa that allows them to stay in the country for 12 months as long as they fulfil certain conditions.

Known as the digital nomad visa, it allows Britons to work from home in the country if they earn more than £24,000.

Furthermore, Britons applying must also have at least six months of experience in their chosen industry and a university or college degree.

What’s more, applicants also have to apply for private medical insurance and show evidence that they have a place to stay whilst in Italy.

Italy is the latest country to introduce a digital nomad visa which became popular during the pandemic as people realised they could work at UK companies whilst living in other countries.

Other versions of the visa are available in Mexico, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Spain is one of the most popular places for digital nomads to set up camp, the country introduced its own version of the scheme last year as a way to entice foreign talent to the country.

According to the Spanish Foreign Ministry, around 300 foreign nationals were granted the visa at the end of last year, but the scheme was criticised because the forms were difficult to fill in.

While digital nomads have been welcomed in some countries, in other parts of the world, they have become an issue.

In the Canary Islands, for example, there is growing outcry at the number of tourists and digital nomads beginning to call the area home.

In a statement earlier this year, a spokesperson for the ATAN (Tenerife Friends of National Association) specifically listed them as one of the reasons for disruption in the local area.

They said: “The problem is due to the chosen model of mass tourism, which also attracts unscrupulous investments and investors and a tourist profile that is mostly disrespectful of the environment and the people who live on these islands.

“The number of tourists is too high for an island territory, in addition to digital nomads and European settlers who stay on the islands with incomes and purchasing power far higher than those of the islanders, so they have access to housing and land to the detriment of the local population.”

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