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The city home to the cheapest pint of beer – it’s less than 50p | Travel News | Travel

The cost of the is on the rise, with the national average sitting at £4.21, while the average price of a pint in the capital will set you back £5.90. However, there are metropolises around the world where the cost of a pint might shock you. Data from has revealed the five cheapest in the world for a , with the cheapest pint coming in at just 46p.

According to the research, the city of Bujumbura in the East African country of Burundi is the cheapest in the world for a pint.

The city is bordered on the north by Rwanda, on the west by Zaire, and to the south and east by Tanzania. Burundi is not the only cheap destination when it comes to buying a pint, with four other African cities also making it into the top five cheapest places for a beer.

Following close behind Burundi is the city of Maseru in Lesotho, a nation in Southern Africa. Here, the average price of a pint is 62p.

In third place on the list is the city of Tripoli in the North African country of Libya. You can expect to pay an average of 69p per pint here, according to the data.

The fourth cheapest city in the world is Lome, in Togo, where the average pint will set you back just 73p. Finally, Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, is the fifth cheapest in the world for a pint of beer, coming in at 74p.

However, while the data unveiled a host of cities where you’ll spend less than £1 per beer, there are other nations that charge eye-watering prices for a beer.

Doha in Qatar was dubbed the most expensive city in the world for a pint of beer, coming in at a whopping £10.47 per drink. Dubai, in the UAE, followed suit, with the average pint costing £9.93.

Those visiting Muscat in Oman can expect to pay £8.63 on average for a pint of beer.

A European country also made the top five most expensive places to buy a pint of beer. In Iceland, the research found that the average price of a pint of beer is £7.81.

Part of the reason it is so expensive to buy a beer in Iceland is that the nation has an extremely high tax on alcohol. In 2023, taxes were raised yet again to 25 percent, which was a 150 percent increase from what the taxes used to be.

Finally, the fifth most expensive city on the list was named as Beirut, in Lebanon, where the average pint of beer is £7.51.

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