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The ‘number one beach getaway’ in Greece when you’re on a budget | Travel News | Travel

Mercedes Zach, the travel expert at ASAP Tickets, told the “number one beach getaway” in Greece when you’re on a budget.

“As a travel expert of many years, I often give my customers advice on scoring the best holiday deals and finding spectacular yet affordable bucket-list spots,” said Zach.

With the likes of Santorini, Corfu and Mykonos erring on the expensive side of holidays, there are more affordable options that have amazing scenery.

“The number one beach getaway on this list is Crete,” said Zach, which consists of four “breathtaking regions” from Chania and Heraklion to Rethymno and Lasithi.

“The best place to start your island vacation is in the western region of Chania where one of Crete’s two major airports is located,” said Zach.

“Chania sits on the Minoan city of Kydonia and is a great destination for a variety of fun outdoor experiences.”

Zach added: “It has mesmerising beaches within quick reach of the Old Town, as well as some great hikes and many vineyards nearby that are perfect for a day trip.”

Then there’s Crete’s capital, Heraklion, which is a port city that has “some of the best museums and archaeological attractions”.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, then Rethymnon within Crete should be highly considered.

Known as one of the best preserved medieval cities in Greece, it’s known for its beautiful beaches, historic artefacts and cosmopolitan resorts.

“It is also a very romantic destination with timeless attractions and diverse landscapes,” said Zach.

Meanwhile, Lasithi in Crete will be less crowded, which might appeal to those who prefer the quieter breaks.

Through the peak holiday season, Crete lingers around 29C, but going in the shoulder season will mean it’s less crowded and less hot.

“Crete is a destination with plenty of transportation, accommodation and dining options to choose from,” said Zach.

“You should plan to spend around £90 per day on your vacation here, not including the flights or ferries.”

Another budget-friendly Greek island to consider is the exotic Ithaca, that is famously home of Odysseus.

Considered a “top choice” for families and couple, Ithaca is the “perfect summer destination for those vacationers seeking beautiful natural landscapes and spectacular views”.

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