Published On: Mon, Apr 8th, 2024

This ‘hidden’ UK town is a haven for book lovers, with a view of the Northern Lights | UK | Travel

There’s one UK village that is the perfect getaway for the book worms out there. 

Sedbergh, in Cumbria, has many sites to see in the city, as well as in the surrounding countryside. The town is hidden within the Yorkshire Dales National Park, giving it breathtaking views on all sides. 

The city is the official Book Town of England. The international organisation of Book Towns says: 

“A Book Town is a small rural town or village in which second‑hand and antiquarian bookshops are concentrated. Most Book Towns have developed in villages of historic interest or of scenic beauty.”


If books aren’t your thing, there’s plenty of other activities as well. Being within the national park, the town has an abundant countryside to hike through. 

Killington Lake and the rivers Rawthey, Clough and Lune are also great for water sports like canoeing or kayaking, as well as fishing. 

The town also has some of the best off-road horse riding trails in England. Stonetrail Riding Centre offers guided trail rides with visitors of intermediate to advanced skill levels. 

One of the best features is the sky. In 2016, many of the street lamps were adjusted to spill less light when it isn’t needed. That means the universe is on full display, showing off the stars, planets and even meteors. Sometimes, you can even see the aurora borealis. 

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