Published On: Mon, Apr 8th, 2024

Tourists banned from taking photos near famous landmark in Spain | Travel News | Travel

New rules have been put in place by the Spanish authorities barring holidaymakers from taking photos near a popular tourist site due to a dangerous viral craze.

It’s almost an instinctive pull to take a photo while visiting renowned global landmarks such as Spain’s Sagrada Familia.

However, after a perilous trend started circulating on the internet, tourists are now forbidden from clicking pictures outside this magnificent structure.

Barcelona’s famed Sagrada Familia, which can attract up to an impressive 4.7 million visitors annually, has been implicated in an alarming new TikTok trend.

This reckless online behaviour sees tourists taking selfies and videos on moving escalators near the Spanish attraction as they exit the metro.

According to local press, posters prohibiting guests from capturing images or video footage while in motion on the escalators have appeared around the attraction after the dangerous trend went viral on the social media platform TikTok.

The posters warn: “Danger of entrapment: Do not take photos or videos while moving on the escalator.”

The new signs caught the attention of a TikToker known as thisgirlygracie, who posted a video on the social media platform. This clip, which has amassed 75,000 views on TikTok, discloses that a “man” has been reprimanding tourists for filming on the escalator, according to The Sun.

The colossal task of constructing the Sagrada Familia is predicted to finish in 2026, marking over 140 years since the commencement of work on this historic site in 1882.

Esteve Camps, president of the organisation overseeing the construction of the church, said: “We have the funds and materials to finish the main structure, including the central tower that will crown the Sagrada Familia as the tallest building in Barcelona.”

Yet, despite the completion of the central tower, additional construction work will continue. Elements like ornamental details and a large staircase at the main entrance won’t be fully complete until 2034.

It comes as numerous Spanish tourist hotspots and regions implement fresh rules to counteract excessive tourism.

From April 10, San Sebastian has decreed that guided tour groups be capped at 25 participants maximum, as a means to mitigate congestion, noise pollution, inconvenience and overcrowding.

Local authorities have cautioned tour guides, stating fines up to €1,500 (£1,287) may be enforced if guidelines are not respected.

Moreover, the previous summer saw San Sebastian announce new directives for tourist guides, which include:

  • Use individual audio systems
  • Avoid the occupation of public places of passage
  • Avoid the most busy areas in summer and peak hours.

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