Published On: Tue, Apr 9th, 2024

Ukraine ‘will lose Russia war’ without US aid, says Zelensky in desperate plea | World | News

Volodymyr Zelensky has issued an urget plea for more military aid from the US, saying his country “will lose the war” with Russia without it.

Speaking during a video conference with Ukrainian fundraising group UNITED24, Zelensky emphasized the critical role of US support in the face of Russia‘s relentless aggression.

“It’s important to specifically address the Congress: if the Congress doesn’t help Ukraine, Ukraine will lose the war,” Zelensky declared, stressing the urgent need for assistance.

He also cautioned of the broader implications of Ukraine‘s potential defeat, warning that failure to resist Russian advances could embolden further aggression against neighboring countries.

He added: “If Ukraine loses this war, other countries will be attacked. This is a fact.”

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Zelensky’s plea comes at a pivotal moment as Congress has thus far delayed passing a much-needed aid package for Ukraine.

Despite the US Senate’s approval of a $95.3 billion (£75 billion) foreign aid bill, including support for Ukraine, House Speaker Mike Johnson has yet to schedule a vote on the matter.

Despite initial setbacks for Moscow, including Ukraine‘s successful defense of its capital, Kyiv, and the reclaiming of some territories, Russia‘s continued aggression has left Ukraine grappling with manpower and ammunition shortages.

Experts warn that Moscow’s sustained attacks on Ukrainian cities and probing assaults along the front line indicate a potential future offensive.

Franz-Stefan Gady, an associate fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, described the conflict as entering a “transitional phase”, with Russia poised to escalate its military operations.


While European countries have attempted to fill the void left by US aid, experts stress that Washington’s support remains indispensable.

The unique capabilities and resources provided by the US, including advanced weapons systems and logistical support, are vital for Ukraine‘s defence against Russian aggression.

Zelensky’s plea for assistance also addressed Russia‘s alarming rhetoric regarding nuclear weapons, warning of the potential for further escalation.

He warned: “In the coming weeks Russia will be more and more insistent on dragging nuclear weapons into the debate, threatening, playing with this matter.”

Amid growing concerns, he expressed gratitude to UNITED24’s ambassadors for their unwavering efforts to garner US support for Ukraine‘s struggle for freedom and independence.

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