Published On: Tue, Apr 16th, 2024

‘Vital’ hand luggage warning for Ryanair, Jet2 and easyJet passengers | Travel News | Travel

Budget airlines such as , and offer purse-friendly prices which can be as low as £30, but the cost can soon add up if you want to add extras like checked baggage. The easiest way to keep the cost down is by travelling with only, but with baggage rules and airport security rules to contend with, a few simple packing mistakes could see you forced to check your bag in.

And if you leave checking in your bag until you’re at the airport, you could be paying more than expected.

Britons have been warned to check the specific security rules at their airport since the – which would end the 100ml liquid rule for hand luggage and allow electronic devices to remain in luggage when going through the security process.

If you pack larger toiletries in your hand luggage only to discover your airport has not yet scrapped the 100ml rule, you will either have to throw everything away or pay to check your luggage in.

Matthew Corrigan, CEO of Trtl Travel has urged passengers to continue following the liquid rules to avoid any last-minute bother at the airport.

Matthew said: “As the scrapping of the airport security liquid limit has been delayed by a year, this is a vital one to consider. If you bring any liquids on your travels, ensure that you decant each product into a transparent 100ml plastic bottle. Any liquids in bottles over 100ml will not be allowed to pass through airport security.

“This applies to water, face creams, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, liquid makeup, sunscreen, and perfume.

“All airports across the globe allow travellers to bring up to one litre of liquids stored in individual 100ml bottles, meaning the maximum amount of bottles you can bring with you is 10.”

Similarly, Luke Petherbridge, director of public affairs at ABTA – The Travel Association said: “When fully implemented, the new airport scanners will make things faster and strengthen security. However, the recent extensions from the Government show that there is still some way to go before the new security rules are consistently in place across UK airports.

“With that in mind, our best advice is to prepare for your travels with the existing rules in mind.”

But the liquid rule isn’t the only thing passengers hoping to save money on checked luggage will need to take into account when flying with budget carriers.

He added: “Airlines such as Ryanair, British Airways, easyJet and Jet2 are cracking down on hand luggage passengers.”

If you are on a standard flight ticket that does not include a checked bag or any additional cabin luggage, you will need to contend with strict size regulations or risk being forced to check in your bag at the desk or gate.

Checking in your bag at the airport or gate is far more expensive than when done in advance online. For Ryanair, checking in an item of luggage at the desk can cost as much as £55 per item of luggage. With easyJet, an overweight bag that needs to be checked in at the airport can cost as much as £48. And with Jet2, this can be as much as £45 per luggage item.

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