Published On: Sat, Apr 13th, 2024

Young Brits swap UK for Germany as they praise cheap pints and lower cost of living | UK | News

Young Brits who moved to Germany have revealed what it’s like living in the European country, with the cost of living crisis in the UK seeing hundreds opting to move abroad.

One person who made the leap was James Haskins who moved to Germany to study. Sharing his experience on TikTok, he cited the cheap transport as one of the best things about moving to the country.

He said: “The Deutschland ticket gives you unlimited public transport for €49 on regional trains and buses. In England, public transport is so expensive I could never imagine them having anything like that.”

James also said he loved the “diversity and culture” within Germany, adding: “Where I’m from in London, I don’t feel like it’s a very diverse place and here there’s so many different people from so many different places and I absolutely love that.”

He also said how “beautiful” Germany is, with “the seaside and harbour in Hamburg, or round here you’ve got the River Rhine and the cities.”

Grand Designs star Kevin McCloud urged those looking to buy their first house to “move to Germany” as interest rates in the UK soar.

The TV presenter advised those wanting to take their first step in buying a home to “move to another country where the housing market is healthy”.

He told the news website JOE that almost every other North European country and Canada have got “really healthy markets, lots of diverse opportunities, lots of diverse offers and it isn’t hugely expensive”.

He added: “My advice is move to Germany, maybe that’s the way forward.” And plenty of people have, with an estimated 93,553 Brits living in Germany as of 2024, according to Statista.

Another person who made the move was Elle, saying one of the best things about the European country was the cheap alcohol.

She said: “You can get a good bottle of wine for €2-3. It’s super cheap.” And according to the MailOnline, the alcohol isn’t the only thing that’s more affordable.

The average house price in Germany stands at £232,941, while in the UK it stands at £284,691 – setting Brits back an extra £51,744. But despite that, the average price for a one-bed flat is around the same as the UK, standing at £804 a month. In the UK, it’s £803.

Dining out is much cheaper in Germany, with the average cost of a meal for two costing around £29, while in the UK it’s around £51. The average pint is also just £2.14 in the European country, a big comparison to the £4.21 it will set you back in the UK.

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