Published On: Sun, Apr 14th, 2024

YouTuber reveals how she makes £650 a pop filling out benefits forms from her shed | UK | News

YouTuber Charlotte Anderson has revealed how she makes up to £650 at a time filling out benefits forms from her shed at the bottom of her garden.

Ms Anderson, 46, from Staffordshire has a YouTube channel where she shares tips on how people can claim benefits for a variety of conditions.

Through YouTube, she directs viewers and users to her website where she charges various rates depending on what people need to do.

For example, she charges around £60 for a document check but for £650 she will have a two-hour meeting and fill out someone’s benefits claim form.

As well as filling out benefits forms, Ms Anderson also receives Personal Independence Payments (PIP) of around £798.63 per month.

According to the Mail, this is because she suffers from severe arthritis and chronic fatigue that affected her ability to work.

Subsequently, Ms Anderson spends most of her time working on her YouTube channel from the shed in her garden whilst she rents out her bungalow.

While Ms Anderson’s services have helped many, she reportedly had to stop offering appointments earlier this year because her service had become overly successful.

Ms Anderson has explained in some of her videos the key to filling out benefits forms. She said: “You have to be able to explain to PIP how you feel, so if you struggle with anxiety you have to explain how it feels for you.”

She also claimed: “People get so obsessed with evidence – you don’t need loads of evidence, you just don’t. No doctor, no specialist, no psychologist can explain how you feel.”

Ms Anderson is also aware there is a risk that fraudsters could be learning from her videos. On this, she said that “there are going to be fakers that watch my videos and try to abuse the system” but “that is PIP’s job to manage that”.

A spokesperson for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said: “We are committed to a welfare system that is fair and accurately targeted to those who need it most.

“Our disability assessors are qualified health professionals and we conduct regular reviews to ensure payments are going to the right people.” has sent the DWP a request for comment.

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