Published On: Mon, Apr 15th, 2024

European country with tourists outnumbering Brits 4 to 1 | World | News

German tourists flooded Palma airport, in Majorca last month, setting a new record as their numbers surpassed those of Britons by a staggering 4 to 1 margin.

Official figures revealed that while 442,156 Germans traveled through Palma airport in March, only 125,000 Britons visited the popular destination.

This significant gap indicates a shift in tourist demographics, with Germans leading the charge.

The influx of international visitors contributed to a total of 788,000 passengers passing through the airport in March, nearly half of whom were German.

Despite Easter falling earlier than usual, the Hoteliers Federation reported that Majorca enjoyed a successful holiday period.

Meanwhile, concerns over tourist behaviour have prompted authorities to consider imposing fines this summer. Majorca officials are contemplating a hefty fine of €3000 (£2,563) for disruptive behaviour.

Jaime Martinez, the mayor of Palma, emphasised the need for stricter penalties, particularly targeting vandalism, street drinking, and fights.

“Playa de Palma says enough is enough,” Mayor Martinez declared, referring to the popular beach resort known for its vibrant nightlife. He stressed a zero-tolerance policy toward antisocial behaviour, confirming that the same standards applied to both residents and visitors.

Despite the urgency to address tourist conduct, Martinez acknowledged that implementing new regulations might not be feasible before the upcoming holiday season. However, he assured the public of increased police presence to maintain order, stating: “No one deserves to have to put up with (bad) behaviour every year.”

Tensions between tourists and locals have long simmered on the Balearic island, with incidents of unruly behaviour tarnishing its reputation.

In response, measures have been introduced, including restrictions on drinking in popular resorts like Magaluf. All-you-can-drink deals and booze cruises have been banned, while all-inclusive hotels enforce drink limits to curb excessive consumption.

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