Published On: Tue, Apr 9th, 2024

Express readers reveal whether think Putin will invade again | World | News

In a recent poll conducted by Express, readers were asked whether they are concerned about the possibility of Vladimir Putin invading another country.

The results revealed that 60 percent of the respondents expressed concern over a potential invasion, while 37 percent indicated they were not concerned. A small portion, just 3 percent, responded with “Don’t Know.”

The poll results come at a time when British Foreign Secretary David Cameron is actively engaging with US officials to secure support for Ukraine.

Lord Cameron, currently in Washington, has been advocating for financial aid to Ukraine, stressing its significance for American and European security.

His efforts, however, face resistance from some Republican lawmakers, including those aligned with former President Donald Trump, who are sceptical about continued US support for Ukraine.

Despite this, the UK’s Foreign Office confirmed a “productive” meeting between Cameron and US officials.

Cameron’s visit to the US is part of the UK Government’s standard practice of engaging with allied nations, particularly during election years.

His discussions in Washington aim to unlock financial aid for Ukraine, with a focus on persuading Congress to approve a substantial military aid package worth $60 billion.

While Putin has denied any intentions of invading anywhere beyond Ukraine, his word has been proven to be worth very little.

Making a passionate plea for further support at the UN Security Council last year, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky made the startling claim that the UN would not be able to prevent Putin from invading another nation.

The despot leader continues to define his full-scale invasion of Ukraine, now having raged for nearly two years, as a “special military operation”.

He also denied any intention to move troops into Ukraine even as tanks and soldiers lined up along its border with Belarus days before the war began.

Putin claims it is “complete nonsense” that he would invade a NATO country in the future.

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