Published On: Thu, Apr 11th, 2024

UK told to brace for ‘direct military action’ against Iran | World | News

Given Tehran’s pledge to “punish” Israel following a strike against an Iranian consulate, Britain must be ready to “take direct military action against Iran”, according to a retired British Army officer.

Colonel Richard Justin Kemp CBE urged the UK to clearly side with Israel in the face of a renewed threat coming from Iran.

In a comment piece for The Telegraph, he wrote: “An attack on Israel by Iran seems imminent. President Biden says his support is ‘ironclad’ and that the US would do all it can to protect Israel.

“Britain too has a clear responsibility to stand alongside Washington and Jerusalem if Iran launches a significant attack.

“That means Lord Cameron’s words, ‘We stand up for Israel’s right to self-defence’, need to become more than mere platitudes and the UK should be ready to take direct military action against Iran.”

In his comment piece, Colonel Kemp appeared to refer to the criticism levelled against Israel by some of its Western allies in recent weeks, as the war in Gaza continues to rage.

He added: “Standing aside now, while our ally in the Middle East becomes increasingly isolated and embattled is against not just Israel’s interests but our own as well.

“It leaves the Arab countries that also fear Iran feeling exposed and vulnerable, ready to look elsewhere for protection.”

Russia and China, he added, are carefully looking at how the West responds to tensions in the Middle East.

He added: “As well as our own culpability here, that is why, if Iran does attack Israel, both US and British forces should do whatever is needed to help them fight back.”

As noted by Colonel Kemp, US President Joe Biden promised on Tuesday Israel “ironclad” support as he warned Iran is threatening to launch a “significant attack”.

On Wednesday, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak branded Iranian threats “unacceptable” and pledged London stands by Israel.

He said: “We, like the Americans, fully support Israel‘s right to defend itself against that.”

Mr Sunak added that Britain had already “highlighted Iran as a significant risk to regional security” and taken steps to protect the UK from threats from Tehran.

Earlier on the same day, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had said the strike on the consular building in Syria on April 1 was “like they attacked our territory”. He added: “The evil regime must be punished, and it will be punished.”

On Sunday, an Iranian official had warned Israeli embassies were “no longer safe”.

The strike on the consular building killed seven members of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, including two generals. While Israel has not acknowledged its involvement, Iran has blamed Tel Aviv for this attack.

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